rameus Photography in actionLong story short: I am just an other guy trying to catch the perfect photo. This means being in the right place at the right time with the right (photo-)equipment.

Everything started after my aprenticeship as an it-specialist when I was looking for a new challenge to master. Photography has always been something fascinating to me. So I decided to get my first own DSLR-camera, a Nikon D70 with a set of low-price Sigma an Nikkor lenses.

After finding my way into terms like manual focus, aperture, zoom, focal length or depth of field I finally started taking pictures. First - I guess everyone who has started with photography knows what I mean - of everyhting and anyone. After this phase I started focussing my photos on special places, buildings, animals and landscapes. Combined with experimenting with the shutter speed and different whitebalance-settings sceneries can change within seconds and details you have not even seen before the taking the photo suddenly dominate the moment.

Some people have already asked me: Why diving and photography? Why do you do underwater photography instead of just enjoying the silence down there and hunting your own bubbles? I have done that while becoming a PADI DIvemaster - it's great! But my answer is always the same: I want to take photos underwater to show people how amazing these creatures are. A Galápagos shark passing by or a feeding turtle, an octopus hiding in a bloc of corals or a clownfish nursery where the parents protect their babies from predators like barracudas or groupers. Of course these are the small animals... there are also the moments when you encounter a 40ft whaleshark with its mouth open and feeding or dolphins swimming around you and checking you out always with a smile on their face. These are the moments i want to share with people who because of some reason do not dive. The combination of photography and diving therefore just the perfect fit to share my two biggest hobbies with everyone who wants.

Of course you are always welcome to contact me via the contact form or on my skype-account "rameusphoto" if you have questions about my photos. You can also find further informations about my work in photography.

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