me taking a foto on Utila, HondurasEverything started with my first own digicam: A Canon PowerShot S50. With this (at that time expensive and state of the art model) camera I made my first steps into photography. Of couse still taking pictures of everyone and anything I could get on my lens (more or less stable ;-))

Photography above water

After starting a compact digital camera I figured it was time to move on to a decent DSLR. And there it was for the first time... I talked to different people from different environments and the bottom line was: Canon or Nikon... As you can see in my portrait - I chose Nikon. Right here I do not want to discuss the "Canon vs. Nikon"-issue since there are a lot of forums and pro-discussions with pros and cons for each brand. You will also see that I do own equipment of both brands. So I started my photography with my first DSLR: A Nikon D70s. After finding my way through expressions like shutter speed, sensor and lens aperture I started with my first photo-experiments in Cyprus. After about two years and some more experience I decided to sell this camera for a new Nikon D80 and some decent lenses. This was a good decision since it had more focus points and lower ISO values you could set. An other big advantage were the customizable presets. You could say to each style like "vivid" or "landscape" that you wanted it a bit less blue or a bit sharper... Finding out about the possibility of HD-Videography I decided after about a year to sell my Nikon D80 and buy a new Nikon D90. The camera itself was again great and had a lot of improved features like a slightly bigger LCD screen or more options for customized settings. The big disappointment was the HD video feature. It is in my opinion (after about 5 hours of playing around with the thing) not possible to get a nice not shaking video without problems of adjustments in the camera or what ever. Bottom line: Good camera for photography and no good for HD video filming. A few months ago I started thinking about switching to a full-frame and my choice would clearly be a Nikon D700 in that case.

Underwater photography

Starting with a housing for my Sony DSC-T30 back in 2006 I made my first steps in underwater photography.  After a few dives I found out that whithout an external flash it does not make any sense to take pictures of coral formations or big fish at distance. Since backscatter and blueish/green pictures were not was I was looking for I focussed on macro-photography and got a few nice photos from there.  After selling this camera I needed a new one and came - thanks to a good friend - to the conclusion that a Canon G10 would be the best choice for my needs. This is the camera I used up to March 2011 with an Ikelite housing and one Ikelite DS-160 substrobe as external flash. Most of the photos taken in the underwater section were made with this camera and it really is fun to capture bigger sceneries or coral formations from distance. It also fits perfectly for macro photography if you want to take photos of stonefish or nudybranches. After a dramatic drop in prices for underwater housings for DSLRs I decided to give it a try and bought an Ikelite underwater housing for my D90. You will find out how that works out in the underwater section.

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