Octopus in the Red SeaAs already mentioned in the section about me it is in general my goal to get this one perfect photo where everything just fits. Although I have made already thousands of photos and some actually are quite ok I am working towards this goal every time I am taking a picture with my DSLR. Some times when you show people photos taken you hear "They really are nice!" or "Wow how did you do that?!". Of course everyone taking photos likes to hear these things but as long as i have not figured out my personal perfect photo I am not done...

When it comes to underwater photography I do have an other motive besides wanting to take the perfect shot. It is to show all these amazing animals, plants, corals or sponges in their natural environment without bothering them. I will never bother or touch an animal on purpose nor would I intrude its territory to get a photo. It is the same as described in my philosophy: If the moment happens to be the right one to get a clear shot for a photo and the whole scenary is right the photo will turn out nice and maybe even better all by it self. This was not only a part of my diving education since I really think this is right. We don't own the seas - we are just guests in the great underwater world.

Of course you are always welcome to contact me via the contact form or on my skype-account "rameusphoto" if you have questions about my photos. You can also find further informations about my work in photography.

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