Tram line 4 at night in ZurichYou can read manuals, blogs, literature, reports in magazines or ask professionals about photography. The answer will always be different. When it comes to photography - especially in times of DSLR cameras where you have as many tries as you want - every person has its own philosophy of composing a picture or present the thing focussed on.

When starting in the field of digital photography there is always a big set of questions: Do I alter or enhance this photo on my computer after taking it? What could be better at this photo? Maybe some more sharpness here, a bit more contrast there or an other depth of field? Should I let Photoshop optimize my picture? My answer is: It depends what you want to show. Do you want to show the scenery the way you captured it on your camera or do you want to show a photo that reflects how things were when you saw them? Since photos taken with new high end cameras allow for more quality and more information, post production can be done way more easily than it years ago. My goal in post production is to show what I really saw and how conditions were. These adjustments include mostly exposure, saturation and contrast settings. These adjustments help me to take pictures which show what I see in a certain moment in a certain place. If everything works out a good picture is hopefully the result. This is my philosophy in photography: Show things or moments how they are right in the moment the picture is taken. Part of this philosophy is to show only the best photos on this website which are the closest to perfection. Most likely I will never get the perfect photo. A parameter here or a disturbing light there will always keep me from taking the perfect photo. But there is still hope and a lot of time ahead to try and experiment with my digital camera in nature, a city or underwater.

Of course you are always welcome to contact me via the contact form or on my skype-account "rameusphoto" if you have questions about my photos.

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